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Wedding Day Decisions

So you’re getting married. Congratulations! The first question had an easy answer, but the ones about dates, venue, and photos may be more of a challenge. However, once you get the first decisions made, the rest will come easily.

             1: Schedule

Fairly quickly, you will need to create a timetable that fits your wedding needs. There are several types of planners. For the old fashioned, a paper and pen will do. If you are better with technology, there are hundreds of phone apps that will help you plan your big day. The important thing is to schedule everything, check your planner often, and allow the right amount of time for each category. Booking the venue and searching for the dress are the two things that need to be done right away, then the food, DJ, decorations and photos. Time to get scheduling!

             2: Date

Now for the fun part: picking your wedding date! There are many variables to think about. Start with your preferences. How much time do you need to plan your wedding? What season? Take into consideration your fiancé’s ideas and any major holidays that may be close to your date and could influence travel. Time of day is also important. Do you want an evening, morning, or afternoon wedding? Remember traffic, and try to stay away from prime commuting hours. Brainstorm, pick several options, and decide!

 3: Location, location

Now the question of where your ceremony and reception will be held. Options range from hotels and gardens to homes and churches. Some brides and grooms want to have them at the same place, but others separate the events. Either way is great, mind your budget, and see about traffic if there will be driving involved. Think how far you are willing to travel on the day, and remember your guests will also need to make the commute.

             4: Photo shoot

Photos are incredibly important, as you will look back on them for years to come. Make sure your photographer has a good reputation and that you see some of their work first. You can take your photos at your ceremony or reception site, or try a different scene. There will be a cost involved if you choose to go to a different location for photos, however, it may be worth it.

With these planning tips, your day will be stress free and beautiful!