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Three Best Hotels in Melbourne

Melbourne is a centre of amazing food, business, tourism and night life. There is an innumerable amount of options for entertainment, culture and experience. An excellent choice for vacation deserves an equally amazing hotel. But, when you’re on vacation, don’t settle! Whether you are looking for luxury, family friendly, or the height of style, here are the three best options in the city.

The Hotel Windsor

The height of opulence and class, this hotel has been visited by numerous movie stars, executives, and in the past was even kept by the royal family. It is easy to see why when gazing upon its castle-like structure. Located in the heart of the city of Melbourne, this resort is run by unparalleled staff dedicated to excellence and features many extras and luxuries. It has a five-star rating as one of the best places to stay in the whole area. You will feel like a monarch staying in a spot like this.

Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront

This hotel is fantastic for families with small children. The great outdoors calls from the windows of this beautiful space. The beach is visible from balconies and is easy to access for fun in the sun. You might opt for building sandcastles, taking pictures, swimming, or other activities. For those who prefer pools, this hotel has a sparkling one and plenty of space to lounge. The resort’s beautiful rooms are well kept and comfortable, and they even offer packages for family fun, for those that are interested. Your kids will never forget their stay at the Hilton!

Ovolo Laneways

If you’re looking for something different that shows the artsy side of Melbourne, look no further. This boutique hotel features unique design, wall art, and spacious rooms. Centrally located and convenient, this space will make you want to try out some painting or graffiti. It is rumoured that they have some excellent late checkout options as well. For those who want to relax in top style, this is your place to unwind. This boutique has both fabulous decor and comfort on its side.

Melbourne is a great place to break away from normal life and have a blast! And with these three amazing hotels as your options, you and whoever you bring with you, are bound to have the time of your lives before even stepping out the door of the lobby!