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Destinations in Melbourne and Victoria You Can Visit in a Day

Victoria is home to breathtaking scenes of nature such as natural hot springs and beaches, as well as the creative and fast paced city of Melbourne, known for its excellence in art, sports and livability. Here are some tips for experiencing one – or several – great spots in just one day!    

The Royal Botanical Gardens are a stunningly beautiful area to view plant life, take in the great outdoors, and opt for a picture or two. Closely located is the National Gallery of Victoria, home of gorgeous and historical art. The gallery is the earliest museum to open in Australia, and racks in visitor after visitor every year. You are free to observe and critique incredible art works.

Perhaps you are more of a sports fan. You might check in on Rod Laver Arena to see if there is a tennis match that day. To finish up the day with some sightseeing, shopping and fine dining, head over to Southbank, the business district of Melbourne which is also rumored to have great nightlife. All of these destinations are close together, making it simple to see them all if you have a little time. Or, if you prefer to take it slow, you can spend all day at one.

If you want to venture away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis area, and you don’t mind a bit of a drive, Philip Island is a little over an hour from the city. It boasts supreme animal life, beaches, food and wine. The penguins of the island are said to create quite a stir with the tourists! There is something for everyone at this piece of paradise, especially for families with young ones.

Maybe you’d rather relax on your vacation? Then the Peninsula Hot Springs might be just the thing for you. It too is only an hour to an hour and a half from Melbourne. This spa features naturally warm waters that you can soak in, with great views of the surrounding countryside. It’s a perfect scene of peace that will leave you refreshed and calm.

Great restaurants, photo ops, and cultural opportunities are available in Victoria and Melbourne. The possibilities are endless, and these are just a few of the finest options this part of Australia has to offer. One thing is certain: whatever your dream trip consists of, and whichever route you decide to take, you will not be disappointed!