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5 Ideas for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day

  1. Recreate your first date. This idea is perfect for couples that have been together for a fair few years and want to re-live the magic of those early honeymoon period days. Think back to your first date together (or a favourite date from the early months of your relationship) and try to recreate it for Valentine’s Day. Surprise your partner by renting the movie you saw together for your first movie date, take them out to the first restaurant you ate at together, and buy gifts to remind them of those first romantic moments.
  2. Go glamping. If your partner doesn’t mind roughing it, a camping trip and a night under the stars can be an awesome way to reconnect and get intimate without surrounding yourself with Valentine’s Day restaurant crowds. To take your camping date to the next level, try glamping instead. That’s glamorous camping, to the uninitiated. Victoria has plenty of romantic glamping spots, from Cosy Tents in Daylesford to Wilderness Retreats at Wilsons Promontory National Park. These are a little pricier than your standard night out, but they’ll definitely show your date that they mean the world to you.
  3. Ride in romantic style. While you may be happy to keep your date simple with dinner and a movie, you’ll need a little something extra to make the evening feel truly special. Surprise your partner by taking them out in a luxury chauffeured car from Black Fleet. You can choose from our range of beautiful cars, then show up to pick her up in your stylish new ride. Best of all, you can indulge in some champagne without worrying about calling a cab. Also check out the Romantic Picnic by the Beach promotion Black Fleet have for Valentine’s Day for $389.00 with champagne and tasting platter included!
  4. Laugh it up. Valentine’s Day should be about having fun together. Keep the mood light by visiting one of Melbourne’s many hilariously fun comedy clubs, where you can sip on drinks while you watch stand-up comics perform their best material. What could be more romantic than laughing together over candlelight?
  5. Get pampered as a twosome. Treat yourselves as a couple by getting his and hers matching massages at a local spa. You can pick out treatments together, then lay back and relax. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, tranquil, and ready for an evening of romance. 
 Fancy a romantic picnic by the beach? Treat yourselves. Have a great time without the hassle. Black Fleet Chauffeured cars will organise a picnic basket packed with champagne, cheese platter and strawberries for you.

Fancy a romantic picnic by the beach? Treat yourselves. Have a great time without the hassle. Black Fleet Chauffeured cars will organise a picnic basket packed with champagne, cheese platter and strawberries for you.

7 Reasons Why Business People Should Use a Chauffer Service

Whether you are a CEO, Director, or a manager taking a chauffeur service to your next big meeting or conference will provide many benefits. Not only will it take the stress out of having to rely on public transport, but you will not have to worry about parking or parking fares. All you will need to worry about is the importance of the day ahead. Still not convinced? Here are seven reasons why business people should use a chauffeur service.

1.     No More Hassle Traveling

Especially if you need to be picked up from the airport, all you need to do is find your chauffeur in the driver’s lounge. No more hailing a taxi, or waiting for a bus, simply walk right up to your vehicle and ride to your destination in style.


2.     Make a Great First Impression

First impressions matter, so make this one count. Arriving to a client meeting can be daunting, especially if you are working with a new client or trying to win new business. Arriving in a nice, stylish car will give a great impression.


3.     Space to Get Work Done

In the Black Fleet cars, you will have space to get any last minute details or work organised. You will be able to work on your laptop in comfort, catch up on the latest meeting notes, or even make a private phone call. Not only will you have the quiet space to do what you need to do, it is safer than trying to do all of this on a bus or in a taxi.


4.     Decrease the Stress of Delay

At Black Fleet, we understand the importance of making transfers on time. We know the local traffic, we plan ahead for construction and make sure to arrange the pick up and drop off times so you arrive right when you need to, and not a minute later. This care in time management is what sets us apart from other companies, especially taxis and public transport.


5.     Hold a Meeting

A great thing about having the privacy in your own car, you can hold a meeting in the car. Whether you pick up a colleague or client before the actual meeting or you drop them off at the airport and need to hold a quick briefing, the quiet and privacy of the space will allow you to do so.


6.     Door to Door Services

No matter where you are located, Black Fleet will pick you up from point A and take you to wherever your Point B may be. Airport, hotel, or private residence, we can make sure you get where you need go, and take you back when you are done.


7.     Local Knowledge

All of the Black Fleet chauffeurs have extensive local knowledge. They can take you to a local hotspot, drive a scenic route, or even to a famous and iconic location within Melbourne. In addition, they can help any new visitors get a handle on their location which can make their trip easier.

Organising The Perfect Anniversary For You And Your Loved One

Special anniversary dates don’t happen every day and need to be celebrated with the appropriate style. They can provide the perfect chance for you to show your partner how much they mean to you and how much you enjoy having them in your life. There are a number of things to consider when planning the perfect anniversary, including:


You can make your anniversary truly special by arranging for a car and chauffeur to drive you around during your date. This will give you the freedom to have a few drinks without having to worry about driving home afterwards. You will be able to take your loved one wherever you want, while enjoying the ride. Perhaps you could instruct the chauffeur to drive you somewhere that means something special to both of you or that is beautiful at night so that you can enjoy the sights.

Where to Eat:

One of the hardest things about planning an anniversary night or any other date, is deciding where to eat. Melbourne offers a huge range of top quality restaurants, including:

Maha Restaurant - Maha offers a large selection of flavours and styles inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine. They offer high class dinners, top quality wines and even have vegetarian and vegan options.

Dinner by Heston - This high quality establishment is based on the restaurant of the same name in London and is inspired by traditional British gastronomy. For an unforgettable anniversary experience, make use of their private dining room to enjoy your night to its full.

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant - Travel through the streets of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs by night when you eat at this amazing themed restaurant.

Eureka 89 Restaurant - Located at the top of the Melbourne Eureka tower, the Eureka 89 restaurant is one of the most famous in town. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and even watch the sunset if you are there at the right time!

The Perfect Gift:

Choosing the perfect anniversary gift for your partner can be one of the hardest things that you will ever do. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. The perfect gift depends on who you are, who your partner is and what kind of relationship you have. If you are stuck for ideas, then you should consider something like jewellery, a holiday, a ‘second honeymoon’ or even a photo album showcasing your life together. Whatever you choose, make sure that it relates to your relationship and has a special meaning for you both. Good luck! 

The Benefits of Having a Chauffer for Your Wedding Day

Hiring a chauffeur for your wedding day is becoming more and more popular. Whether you are planning an intimate ceremony with close friends and family or an extravagant event, add these four wonderful benefits to your big day.

Travel in Style

One of the most popular reasons for hiring a chauffeur is so you can travel in style. No matter if you simply need transport from venue to venue or you want to spend some time driving in the city itself, do so in luxury and style. Hiring a chauffeur will enable you to take the hassle out of worrying about timely transport and keep you safe on the best day of your life.

Create Memories

Hosting a photo shoot with a luxurious car can create life long memories of your wedding day. Looking even more stylish, fashionable, and timeless are all added benefits to hiring a beautiful car on your special day.

Choose From a Luxurious Selection

At Black Fleet we offer a wide range of luxurious cars to choose from. No matter your budget or size of your wedding party, we can cater to your needs and provide you with a luxurious car for your wedding day. Even if the car you have in mind is privately owned, we can still provide chauffeur services to keep you safe and comfortable on your big day.

Enjoy Your Ride

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a chauffeur is the ability to enjoy the ride! Whether it is taking in the local sights and scenery, enjoying a kiss from your new spouse, or having celebratory champagne with the wedding party, you can enjoy yourself in style. Take the worry of navigation and safety from your mind by allowing the chauffeur to take care of everything so you can enjoy your moment and the ride ahead.

If you are in need of transport on your wedding day, whether it’s just for the bride and groom, wedding party, or all of your guests, Black Fleet can provide a luxurious and safe ride from venue to venue. All of our drivers are professional, courteous, and fully certified so you can take your mind off of the driving and enjoy your big day.

4 Differences in Drivers and Chauffeurs

While it might seem that drivers and chauffeurs  are one of the same, there are actually quite a few differences between the two. Of course, both will end up getting you to your final destination yet besides the difference in name, there is a distinct difference in service that many people are not aware of which is why drivers and chauffeurs are often confused to be one of the same, when in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Service Level

Drivers are meant to do one thing : get you from one place to another in one piece. Chauffeurs, on the other hand, are more elegant and complex than that.

A chauffeur is a sophisticated professional that will not only get your from point A to point B safely, they will do so in style and in luxury. In addition, chauffeurs will go above and beyond to make sure your riding experience is smooth. Chauffeurs will carry your luggage, open the doors for you, take you on the scenic route if you want to see the sights, drop you off for a quick coffee or bite to eat should you so need, or simply get you to your destination promptly. It’s up to you!


Black Fleet Chauffeurs undergo rigorous training to ensure they provide the best service possible and are the best drivers on the road. All of our chauffeurs must be fully certified before they can drive any customers. Safety is a top priority at Black Fleet and our chauffeurs know when to drive defensively, not aggressively so they can get you to your destination as safe as possible.

Pride in their Work

All of the Black Fleet chauffeurs take pride in what they do. They will have crisp and clean uniforms and a neat, professional appearance. Their vehicles are spick and span and can be stocked with whatever amenities you request.

Trustworthy & Discreet

Your Black Fleet chauffeur will be trustworthy and discrete. Do you need to make a business or personal phone call while you ride? That phone call will remain confidential.

When you decide to hire a ride in the future you will need to decide between a chauffeur and a driver. In order to make this decision easier, just ask yourself one thing - Am I looking to just get somewhere or do I want to have a comfortable and safe ride where I am treated with luxury and high levels of customer service? 

Melbourne’s Best Wedding & Bridal Expositions This Wedding Season

With summer around the corner and wedding season coming into full swing, this year’s bridal expositions have already begun. Melbourne hosts some of the best expos in the country. If you are planning or even participating in a wedding this summer, then head to some of the following expositions for the best wedding ideas!

Ideal Bride Melbourne’s Ultimate Wedding & Honeymoon Spectacular:

Located in the Crown Melbourne complex, this is December’s premier bridal expo. Many of Australia’s finest wedding planners and designers showcase their work here, allowing you to speak with and choose the perfect planner for your wedding. The entry fee is $20, and opening hours are from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Fashion parades showcasing the finest in wedding designs take place at 11:20am and 2:20pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

The Melbourne Bridal & Honeymoon Expo:

This is the major wedding and bridal exposition that takes place in Melbourne each year. This year the big day falls on the 22nd of January 2017, between 9:00am and 4:00pm. All of Australia’s best wedding suppliers and planners will be in attendance, which allows you to make big wedding decisions without feeling that you are missing something out. Join the thousands of other brides who visit every year and take part in free hair and makeup trials, giveaways, and many, many other fun things. A new feature is being added to the expo this year, with both men’s and women’s wedding fashion parades being included for the first time. Entry is just $29, so get your tickets today and plan a day you will never regret!

The Bridal & Honeymoon Showcase:

This event has long been known to showcase only the very best Bridal Exhibitions in Australia. Although the dates for the event are yet to be confirmed, it is usually the first bridal event of the year. What better way to start your new year than to attend a bridal exposition like this? Discover all the latest fashions, ideas and trends in an event not to be missed by any prospective bride! Entry is just $25, but you need to book your place in advance.

Melbourne Vintage Bride Wedding Fair:

This is one of February’s first expos and it showcases vintage and eclectic styles. If you would like your wedding to be a little different or to incorporate elements that modern wedding planners don’t offer, then the Melbourne Vintage Bride Wedding Fair is the place to go! Each of the 35 businesses in attendance prides themselves on their friendly service and ability to help you out. 

Make Your New Year Celebration In Melbourne One To Remember!

New Year is one of the busiest and most festive times of the year. People enjoy getting out and about on the 31st of December and to welcome in the New Year with a bang. Whether you enjoy partying on the last night of the year or taking part in quieter, more tranquil activities, there is no doubt that it is a special night.

However, since it is so busy, with a huge number of the city’s people out and about, it is essential to plan your Melbourne New Year celebration well in advance. Things like restaurants, party venues, and private transport should be booked at least three weeks before New Year - by the 10th of December at the latest. 

Transport on New Years Eve and Day:

Both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day have modified public transport schedules making it extremely busy. If you plan on driving, then make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to navigate busy roads and to find parking when you reach your destination. If you plan on drinking then don’t consider driving home, as the police will be out in force on both the 31st and the 1st. Arrange for private transport or book a taxi to take you home.

Private Transport - Private transport, such as a car with a chauffeur, can be hired for the entire night or for a period of time during the day or night. You can use it to move between restaurants, bars, and/or other popular destinations. However, since private cars are in high demand at New Year, it is important to book well in advance. Booking at least three weeks ahead is recommended by Melbourne’s leading private car companies, as doing this will ensure that you have the transport you want and deserve.

Eating Out for New Years:

Everyone wants to eat out at a fancy restaurant before beginning their New Year celebrations. Expect every single decent restaurant in town to be completely fully booked weeks before New Year. There is very little chance of finding somewhere nice to eat out on the night so its essential to book in advance. As for private cars, bookings should be made at least three weeks before to make sure that you don’t miss out on eating at your favourite restaurant.

As long as you book everything ahead of time and plan your night well, your New Years in Melbourne should be fun and memorable! 

Driving in Victoria - Baby and Child Safety

Australian driving laws are becoming tougher all the time, especially when it comes to child and baby safety. Everyone in a moving car must obviously be restrained, but children under seven years old are governed by special regulations. They must use special baby or infant seats which restrain them in a safer manner, reducing the risk of serious injury in a crash. The seat that is appropriate for your child depends on their age:

Children Under Four Years Old:

All babies six months old and younger must travel in a rear facing child restraint. Children between six months old and four years old can either travel in a rear facing restraint or in a forward facing child seat with an inbuilt harness.

All children under four years old have to travel in the back seat of a vehicle. If the vehicle has no back seats, then the child may travel in the front as long as they are in an appropriate child restraint. Note that you can’t use rear facing child restraints in the front seat if it has an airbag.

Children Between Four and Seven Years Old:

Children between four and seven years old must travel with either a forward facing child restraint or a booster seat. It is up to you to decide which of these is used, as it depends on your child’s size and maturity, not just their age.

Children between four and seven can only travel in the front seat of a vehicle if all of the back seats are taken by other passengers under seven, or if the vehicle has no back seats. Even if they are in the back seat, they still must be in a child restraint or booster seat.

Types of Child Restraints:

Rear Facing Child Restraints - These are designed to give your child’s neck and head the best protection possible in the case of a crash. Since this is the safest way for a young child to travel, they should remain in a seat like this until they grow out of it.

Forward Facing Child Restraints - These are used once your child has grown out of their rear facing restraint, and incorporate a secure harness to give your child the best protection. They can only be used until your child reaches a certain height, but must be used until at least 4 years old.

Booster Seat - Although these have less safety features and harnesses than other child restraints, they still give added protection to your child. They hold them in place and ensure that the seat belt fits across their body in the right manner. 

Planning Your Next Family Holiday - Everything You Need To Think About!

Although planning a holiday can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be if you plan in advance and make sure you have considered everything before you leave. Arranging things like transport, visas and luggage allowances well before leaving will reduce stress and will ensure that your holiday runs smoothly.


This is one of the first things that you need to think about when planning a holiday. How will you get to the airport to catch your flight? How will you get from the airport to your hotel when you arrive at your destination? There are many different options to consider so, take the following into consideration when planning transport:

  • Are you going to drive to the airport? If so, then you need to be prepared to spend a lot of money on airport parking, as it is always expensive!
  • If you are catching public transport at either end of your journey then make sure it will be operating at the time you need it as at certain hours during the night public transport will be closed.
  • If you are going to catch a taxi or an uber, then make sure you can fit inside in the car with all your travel companions and your luggage.

If you have considered these options, but don’t feel that any of these will work well for you, then you could always consider hiring a private car with a chauffeur. This way you won’t have to worry about anything as you will be picked up from your front door and dropped off at the airport or vice-versa, at any time of the day or night.

Luggage Allowances:

Make sure that you check what your luggage allowance is with the airline before arriving at the airport. If you have bags that are heavier than your allowance then one of two things may happen: you may have to pay a large fee for the extra luggage, or it may not be let on the flight at all if the flight is at full capacity. If you feel that you need more luggage than you originally paid for then contact your airline in advance and they will be able to assist you.

Passports & Visas:

If your holiday includes overseas travel, then you need to consider two things:

  • Does everyone in your family have valid passports? This includes babies and young children. Note that most countries require you to have six months’ validity on your passport or they won’t grant you entry.
  • Do you have the required visas for your destination? Australian citizens can enter many countries without a visa, but many others do require one. Check online before you travel to see if you need to apply for a visa.

If you follow all of the above steps then you will be well on the way towards having a successful and stress free holiday. 


Melbourne Spring Racing

Upcoming Racing Events in Melbourne

With the Australian Spring Racing Carnival in full swing, some huge racing events are coming up over the next few weeks. Running from September through to November, the Spring Carnival boasts some of the highest class horse racing in the world, reaching a climax on the first of November with the Melbourne Cup,  one of the most famous horse races in the world. In Australian sporting circles, the Melbourne Cup is the only thing that comes close to being as big as the AFL Grand Final and it is said that the country comes to a halt while the race is on. So what other big racing events do we have to look forward to in Melbourne over the coming weeks?

The AAMI Victoria Derby:

The Melbourne Cup Carnival kicks off on Saturday the 29th of October and offers a day packed full of races. The feature race of the day is the Group 1 AAMI Victorian Derby, a 2500 meter race which is considered one of Australia’s best events for three year olds. The Derby was founded six years before the Melbourne Cup, and should be a huge event as the race day falls on a Saturday this year.

The Emirates Melbourne Cup:

On the first Tuesday of November every year, is the Emirates Melbourne Cup, also known as ‘the race that halts the nation’. It is arguably the biggest day on Australia’s sporting calendar. With an incredible $6.2 million prize money, the two mile race attracts horses and riders from around the world. At race time, expect workplaces and schools across the country to come to a standstill as every eye is focused on the race, which for the first time ever, was won by a female jockey in 2015.

The Crown Oaks:

The Crown Oaks on the 3rd of November (a Thursday this season), is the traditional ‘ladies day at the races’. The biggest race of this event is the Group 1 Crown Oaks, which sees three year old fillies race over 2500 meters. The prize purse for this race is $1 million, which means that it attracts some high quality horses.

The Darley Classic:

On Saturday the 5th of November, head down to Flemington for the final day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, to experience a classic day of horse racing. The Darley Classic is a quick six furlong dash, which usually boasts a field of the world’s best sprinters.


Three Best Hotels in Melbourne

Melbourne is a centre of amazing food, business, tourism and night life. There is an innumerable amount of options for entertainment, culture and experience. An excellent choice for vacation deserves an equally amazing hotel.

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